This is the official site of open source learning. On the official blog, we post articles regarding various usages and use cases of www.opensourcelearning.org, new ideas, and updates. We are all self-learners. Make self-learning easier! With the help of internet, we can make learning in real life available to everyone! Open source learning, the name has three meanings:

  1. Our mission is to open up the source of learning. So what is the source of learning? Here at OSL, we think is Significant Experiences, which are triggered when the learner interacts with various things in life or does various activities. We want people to not only share the result of learning, which they write up as static articles or books, but also share the source of that learning, which are the significant experiences they gained in the process of learning. We believe the digitization of knowledge and learning processes is vital for us to truly tap into the potential of internet to bring about future learning, and the key of that digitization lies in the digitization of Significant Experiences.
  2. We want everyday life and work be your source of learning. We think learning should not be separate from your daily life. Actually, it never did. By capturing your daily significant experiences from various activities and share with others, we help you achieve that goal. Yes, naturally learning should be driven by curiosity. People should learn while playing. Together, let’s make the so called “informal learning” FORMAL!
  3. This is an open source effort. Our research and software are all open source. We share them with the public, and you are free to use them. You are also invited to join the effort together. We strongly believe that a great variety of learning software will come from open source community. Here we strive to build a few of them, hopefully the most vital ones. But it can only be a few. There will be many organizations to start building various open source learning software. As software is the construct of our modern society, by building learning software together in the open source way, we are building the social construct of tomorrow. In this sense, open source learning is a call to the open source software community: together let’s make self-learning easier!

We want to be the bridge With software and internet technologies, we intend to bridge the gap between the long outdated industrial era education system and tomorrow’s learning, in which learning is not separated from everyday life and it is driven by curiosity. Contact: sys#opensourcelearning.org Please change # to @


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  1. 思蔚 says:

    你好,我是Open Party 上听到你的演讲,很精彩,我想注册知识引擎的账号,谢谢你!我是一名白领,每天都很忙,没时间学习和看书,而且总是出现学了就忘的现象,所以想试试知识引擎,重新燃起我学习的激情!谢谢你!

  2. I am a staff member at, and co-founder of, Sudbury Valley School. I have just recently become acquainted with Open Source Learning, and seen that you refer to our school frequently. We would like to establish contact with you, and wonder if you are interested.

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