Here at the OSL, through our research and experimentation, we try to identify several key areas that people can work on to unleash the power of internet for learning and really bring true face of learning to people. Some of the projects, we will do the pioneering work as we need to do experimentation in our research using these software. But our energy is limited. We welcome others to pick up other projects and use their talents to build the future learning together. Here are a list of projects we are working on:

  1. Knowledge Engine: the engine of knowledge economy, just like the engine of the industrial era. You can use Knowledge Engine to build the ships, cars, airplanes, mowers, razors of knowledge era. It turns Significant Experiences into a dynamic streaming structure, e.g. knowledge.
  2. crowdsourcing task system: to categorize tasks and ready them for distribution, possibly workflow control and quality control. This can be used for crowdsourcing inside or outside a corporation, together with the badge system. If used inside a corporation, it is a new management system and an infrastructure to build a learning organization. If used outside, it helps build a certificate system in each industry, so people get certified automatically as they complete tasks.
  3. crowdsourcing badge system: to evaluate accomplishment of tasks so to get skill set and level of people. It might serve as a certificate system for some industry.

For the complete list of our projects, please visit our github page.

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  1. Fabian says:

    Hello, congrats on this noble work on SDL or SDE.
    I found it very interesting.
    Add me to your mailing list.

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