Consciousness Software

What we are building here at OSL is a kind of consciousness software, which helps people manage their consciousness.

One way to look at it, consciousness software is a deeper level of digitization of human world. As internet is transforming and affecting deeper of human society, we definitely see that the learning/education world will be fundamentally restructured.

Or you can look at it in another way, the previous waves of digitization have left people with a mess with their data. They have to go to various sites to enter their data, and the data they entered mostly don’t belong to them anymore, or at the least they don’t have any control on it. So we want to restructure internet in a way that we go back to where data come from, let people manage their own data and really “own” their data on their private storage. People choose to share that data with other people(team) or public. Once in public, companies can use that data to build their services. If that service is profitable, the data owners gain a percentage of that profit. The data owners also always own their data, which means they can take back their data if they want (depending on how they have chosen to share their data with public supposing there should be several mechanisms for choosing from).

This is the idea that Opera Unite has proposed on restructuring Internet, although they didn’t touch on the semantic part. The semantic part resembles the efforts in semantic web a little, but still quite different and simpler.

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  1. Tom says:

    So any existing consciousness software out there?

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