Explore, Experience, Express


These are the three key activities of learning. And you repeat the process over and over again.

Explore: learning is a process of exploration. When you are faced with complex situation, how do you explore the field, get related knowledge, and find the solution? If as I have visioned that in the future economy we will see an explosion of self-organized production of social product, then this is the kind of “labor force” that production needs.

Experience: this is what knowledge is based on, the source of knowledge. Significant Experiences are experiences that are constructive to your life, or can increase your understanding of the world.

Express: express has three meanings:

1. As Bruce Lee said, Kung Fu is human body expressing oneself. It is difficult to express yourself genuinely. So as a person of knowledge, how do you express yourself?

2. Knowledge has to be applied, otherwise it is not knowledge.

3. Sharing and publication of individual knowledge.

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