Light bulb moments


Significant Experience is the basic unit of knowledge, and it plays core functions in the learning process. But how to learn centered around Significant Experiences can be a bit challenging for people having not much experiences. Below is a simple method to get you started.

When you starting using 3exps this self-learning platform, you can pick a couple of domains (don’t choose too many domains at the beginning, no more than 3) to record your learning experiences in these domains. You can choose what interest you the most, domains that you pay a lot of attention to in your daily life, and wish to keep improve your understanding in that domain. After you have chosen the domains, whenever you had new understanding or feeling in one of those domains, or the light bulb goes on in your head, you quickly capture that understanding or feeling (in, you can note it down as a snippet), and add the domain tag for it. After a period of time, you have accumulated sufficient experiences in a domain, then you can start reviewing them together trying to achieve a better understanding of the whole. This light bulb moment is what we call “Significant Experience”. Hope by this practice, you will soon get the hang of Significant Experience and how you can use center your learning around it. Later we can introduce how to interact with those Significant Experience in rich ways through Knowledge Engine.

A note to new users: after login, you might find the UI quite simple and there seems not much there. It is because we designed the UI to be simple for people to start with by hiding many features away from new users. Also, simple UI help learners focus on their current learning, e.g. to be immersed in it. We expect users to click around and use mouseover here and there to find out more of the site. Learners are supposed to gradually learn how to use deeper features as they progress along.

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