New Feature: Learning Area


Now you can build a learning area based on your notes. What you need to do is to specify the root knowledge frame and root tag tree for this learning area. All related tags of this learning area can be extracted from the root tag tree, and based on these tags all notes that have these tags will be collected, as you can see in “View all notes in this learning area” section. These notes are further filtered by a standard set of tags to locate resources in them, such as references, videos, blogs, books, examples, questions, projects, people, and so on, as you can see in “View the learning resources in this area” section. So new learners or students can use these as their learning material. Other learners can even raise questions or submit projects to this learning area. Learning groups can be started based on this learning area, and the material in learning area can serve as the knowledge structure for these learning groups that they can continuously work on.

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