New features

We have a few new features released to help you better manage your daily learning:

Swapping of book:

If you go to a note list page, for example
, you can see on the right upper corner of the page, there is a dropdown list of book names in red font, you can try switching it to another book name such as note, you will be directed to
It will swap out the book name part of the url while keep the rest the same.
Screenshot available soon.

More date range filters:

First when in a note list page, press alt+p to open up the display filter. You will see that now you can view notes of last year. You can also view by a date range, by entering a request parameter in the url like this date_range=2014-08-20—2014-12-29. Date range filter is set for the session. So for all note list (snippets, bookmarks, scraps, frames, notes, personal or social) you will have this filter applied. To reset it, simply choose date range to all.

Clicking on desc to expand and collapse a note:

In a note list page, you can click on the desc (description) part (it is the second part. So it can be url part for bookmarks ) to expand the note. Clicking on it again will collapse it. For personal notebook, for now you can only expand it. For social and group notes, you can expand and collapse.

Support for passing page_size parameter:

In a note list page, you can pass the parameter page_size to change the default page size. The maximum you can set is 200. This is also stored per session. So you have this page size for all note list pages.

Fixed menu bar

In a note list page, the menu bar of the notes will become fixed to the screen when you scroll down enough. So it will be convenient for you to select some notes for bulk edition without having to scroll back to the very top.

Screenshot available soon.

Simple frame display:

For frames that has no child frame, we build a simplified template for displaying. So it looks better. For example, you can view this frame (in Chinese):

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