What have you learned today?


If you feel not sure what to put inside the box titled “What have you learned today”, here are some helpful information for you.

I would say there are about two types of info you can put inside the box to note down what you have learned.

One type of knowledge is your Significant Experiences. Significant Experience means experiences that are constructive for your growth. They help you have a better understanding of things or yourself. Or they can be helpful to other. These experiences are big enough that you cannot ignore them.

The other type of knowledge is useful facts to you. For example, you might be interested in some industry data, and when you come across them in your reading you want to record them. These data can help you analyze things later. So you can put these inside that box too.

Due to modern school system, we are often confused with what is learning, what is knowledge, and what is education. I feel that is why people get confused when they need to enter what they have learned today. But it isn’t actually that hard to learn what is really knowledge. Hope this notebook can help you to find out what learning really is and start effective learning in your daily life. Don’t be afraid that you might make notes of many unimportant things, One major feature of the notebook is to help you filter out those notes that are not going to be used much by you. Learning itself is to get rid of a lot of things daily.

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