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Why this site?

中文版 Being able to realize the knowledge areas in daily life and extract Significant Experiences out to each corresponding knowledge area is an important learning skill. But most people haven’t learned this skill. A tool is needed to help them … Continue reading

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Explore, Experience, Express

中文版 These are the three key activities of learning. And you repeat the process over and over again. Explore: learning is a process of exploration. When you are faced with complex situation, how do you explore the field, get related … Continue reading

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Varcabulary in notebook

Working Set/工作区: Snippetbook/便条本: Bookmarkbook/网址本: Scrapbook/网摘本: Group/学习小组:

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Beginner’s guide to the Notebook

Notebook so far has three books: snippetbook (a collection of snippets or notes), bookmarks book (a collection of bookmarks), scrapbook (a collection of scraps). For the convenience of adding bookmarks, you can drag the link below to your browser bookmark … Continue reading

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Freedom of learning

Free to learn what you want to learn, free to choose who to learn from, free to choose how to learn and when to learn! All learning/education can be summarized what to learn (e.g. the learning content), who to learn … Continue reading

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