Existing Features

First of all, you can make snippets, collect bookmarks or web scrap. You can put tags on them and rank the importance. You can also add attachment (in the single note editing page.)

Search: you can do some complex search as you can do in gmail search box.

Working Set: A working set is a set of tags that you can work with when viewing stuff in the notebook. If you have a lot of tags, it is a good idea to choose a working set of tags to work with at certain times. So for example, when you are learning programming, or do some liberal arts reading, the set of tags might be quite different, and you can choose a working set to focus on your current work/learning, so only that set of tags will be available for you to choose from.

Cache: Cache is used to help you when working with notes. For example, you can find some notes by search. Then add those notes to a cache. Do a search again, and add some other notes to that same cache. You can then view all notes in that cache, and do bulk operations on them.

Folders: you can save a search term as a folder. So you will have these dynamic folders that grow as you notes grow.

Frame: Frame is a set of notes/bookmarks/scraps packaged together.

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