New Feature: More apps in public square

In the past, we have been quite conservative in sharing user notes, groups and so on with the public. So we didn’t make many public pages to help public find out more of content on this site. However, with suggestions from some users, we think it might be good to allow the public or registered users to discover new things in the public square.

So we made the following available: Learning Salons (this was here before); Learning Groups (here you can find which learning group interests you and you want to join them learning together); Learning Areas (here you can find areas of learning that you feel interested and see what knowledge others have collected in these areas); Power Learners; Knowledge Frames by all users (Knowledge Frame is summarized knowledge. So see what knowledge other people have discovered in their lives)

Hope you enjoy these new apps/pages in the public square, and tell us what you think and like/dislike.

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