New Feature: New menu bar at the top

Now the site has a new interface for the menu at the top of the site. With more new features and corresponding new items added to the top menu, it became messy and not straight-forward. In the past, with fewer focal points, the old menu is brief and concise. But with more features, I am afraid that it is getting people confused. So the menu (at the upper left) is re-organized into 3 spaces: personal, social, square. So “personal” is your personal learning space where you make your learning notes and organize them. “Social” is you go out and interact with your social friends and groups. “Square” is the public square where you can discover new things, for example, make new friends, find good teachers, find people to form a learning group to learn something together, or find learning salons to join. These are new things you can view and do in the public square. Check them out!

If you don’t like the new top menu, you can keep the old one. If more people keep the old one, we will re-think if we have guessed wrong of what users want. 🙂

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